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on March 29, 2007, 10:47:00 AM
Guild Information & FAQ

Who We Are?
Drop Bears originated as members of the message board Quarter to Three, their friends, and family members. We have expanded beyond the original membership to include all sorts of people from the Moonrunner server.

Our Mission is to provide members with a great group of people to hang out with, chat, quest and get help from. We do not want to deal with "idiots" and we will not accept them in our group. We will be fun, fair, friendly and honorable.

Who Can Join?
Drop Bears is open to all QT3 members, friends or family. From time to time, we will accept other people who we think will fit in, based on maturity level and good recommendations from existing members.

How can I join?
A referral from an existing member is recommended, but not currently required. As we are beginning to open up our recruiting process, we are currently openly accepting member applications from any class. More information can be obtained on our Join Request Board.

What are the rules?
Rules are pretty basic and can be summed up by saying "Idiots need not apply".

Who is the Guild Leader?

Who are the Guild Officers?
Should you need to contact somebody in-game, the following officers should be available:

* Calley
* Eyejinx
* Griddlemancer
* Kakura
* Madhax
* Melchizedeck
* Naur
* Qee
* Sluggo
* Spect
* Zabuni

What type of Server will you be on?
We are currently playing on Moonrunner, a PvE Server in the PST Server zone.

Do you have "Ranks" or groups in the Guild?
We have some informal ranks, please see the Rank page for more info.

Will you partake in PvP Combat?
Yes, though it will be optional for our members. We have several members who run arena teams of various sizes.

Are you Alliance or Horde?
We will be playing Alliance. Our Horde Server is Arathor, although they are not directly affiliated with us, and have separate leadership.

US West or US East server?
We will be on a US West Server (PST).

What will our Official Time Zone be?
US Pacific Time, as that is the "official" server time.

Do we use Ventrilo or Teamspeak?
We have a Ventrilo Server, Loupana is the Vent Administrator. Members will see a easily click able vent link on the guild members section of the website.

What does our Guild Tabard Look like?

Credit for the original FAQ comes from Keepers of the Vault
Guild Info
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