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on February 22, 2007, 02:56:00 PM
What We Are:
Drop bears is a casual-raiding and casual-PVP guild. We are more interested in having fun and hanging out in guild chat with cool people than catassing our way to "glory." That said, working our way through the Outlands 25 player instances is a high priority.

We have several experienced PVP players, and many of us are transplants from PVP servers. We mostly engage in pickup battlegrounds, although we also do premades and will probably field an arena team next season.

We are alt-friendly. If you want to play your noob Draenei Shaman instead of your main, that's cool with us. Your alts are welcome in the guild. The one exception to this rule: We only allow alts in if your main is in the guild too.

Our major timezones for player activity are the North American timezones, primarily EST/PST, as well as the Australia and New Zealand timezones.

We have 4 major rules:
  1. Have fun!
  2. Don't be an ass! (negotiable)
  3. It's a freaking game, not the end of the world!
  4. If you sign up for an event, show up on time! (If you find out you can't make it, remove yourself from the sign up list!)

What We Are NOT: We are not a hardcore, scheduled raid every night, mandatory attendance, poopsocking, OMG LOOT DRAMA guild. The only raid schedule we maintain is "this weekend."

We aren't interested in your drama. Most of us have left other guilds because of the unending drama and powerstruggles.

We don't care about your age. 12 or 112, if you're here to play and have fun, we're happy to have you. We DO, however, care about your maturity. If you have the emotional resilience of a 3 year old, we're not interested.
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