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on February 08, 2007, 11:11:00 AM
  • Hi, I'm New!
    • New recruits go here. People in this rank will advance to Member in 2 weeks, unless they are, like, jerks, or something. These members can see what is in the Guild Bank, but they cannot make any withdrawls.
  • Dunce
    • If you're being annoying and/or disruptive in guild chat, and don't stop when asked by an officer, you will get put in this rank until you can behave yourself. This rank can't talk in guild chat.
  • Disabled List
    • If you haven't logged on in more than a month, you will be moved to this rank. After 3 months of not logging on, you will be removed from the guild, unless you've let us know that you're taking an extended vacation. This isn't a permanent removal, if you come back and want to rejoin us, you'll be welcomed back with open arms.
  • Altoholics Anon
    • If you are a Member or a Veteran, this is where your alts and AH mules live.
  • Member
    • The vast unwashed herd great majority of the guild. Only your main character will be in this rank.  Members can withdraw up to 5 items in any tabs except for Raid Consumables.
  • Veteran
    • This rank is for those who have gone above and beyond in some exceptional manner within the guild. Veterans can set public notes for any player. They can also withdraw items from the Raid Consumables tab of the Guild Bank.
  • Officer Alts
    • Surprisingly enough, this rank is for alts and AH mules that belong to Officers.
  • Officer
    • The folks that help run the day-to-day of the guild, and have guild invite capability.
  • Guild Master
    • Well, this one should be obvious.
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